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Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)



About the department:  ENT Department is the first clinical department in SIMS to get post graduate seats. PG courses started in the year 2018 with two MS (ENT) seats per year.  ENT department in SIMS is full pledged in all respect like faculty, equipment, publications and academic activities. All varieties of surgeries except Cochlear Implantation are performed by the department. Lots of head and neck cancer cases are managed which is help-full to the malanad region.

In addition to the routine ENT departmental setup we also have full pledged and state of the art speech and hearing center which has got all the sophisticated Speech and hearing equipments with six speech therapist and audiologist working full time.


Academic activities: 

1. UG teaching programs :

  • Two theory classes and one seminar per week.
  • Daily clinical teaching in OPD wards and OT.

2. PG teaching programs:

  • One seminar, one case discussion and one journal club per week.
  • Specialty clinic in the form of allergy clinic ,vertigo clinic and cancer clinic
  • Regular temporal bone dissection in the dedicated lab.
  • Demonstration and hands and training for surgical procedure.
  • Periodic clinical and theory assessment.


Facilities available:

  1. Micro ear surgery
  2. Diagnostic nasal Endoscopy surgery and Nasal Endoscopic surgery
  3. Head and neck cancer surgery
  4. Coblation –Blood less surgery
  5. Flexible and rigid Bronchoscopy with optical fiber forceps
  6. Rigid oesophagoscopy both adult and pediatric for the foreign body removal
  7. Cryosurgery
  8. Micro laryngeal surgery
  9. Videonystagmography
  10. Stroboscopy
  11. Advance audiometric equipments
  12. Diagnostic and clinical Impedance study
  13. BERA
  14. Oto acoustic emission
  15. Speech analyzer and speech trainer
  16. Individual and group Speech therapy
  17. Hearing aid trail
  18. Ear mould Lab


Research Paper:


1. Study of Laryngeal lesions undergoing micro laryngeal surgery in a tertiary health centre

Gangadhara K.S, Sridhara S, chaitanya Vadva

International journal of otorhinolaryngology and  head and neck surgery June 2020 Vol 6 issue 6 Page no. 1167-1170.


2. A Profile on parotid surgeries

 Gangadhara K S, Amrutha V Bhat, Sridhara S,

International Journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery June 2020 Vol 6 Page no. 1160-1163.


3. Prevalence of congenital non syndromic hearing loss among offspring of consanguineous marriage – A pilot study

Gangadhara K S, Geetha Bhaktha , Manjula B, Nageshwari P.

International Journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery May 2020 Vol 6 Issue 5  Page no. 874-877.


4. Imperceptible scar over Face and Neck : A new Aesthetic modification of parotid incision

Gangadhara K S, Hamsa Shetty, Sridhara S

Bengal journal of Otolaryngology and head and neck surgery Vol 28 Number 1 April 2020  Page No. 44 – 50


5. Benign lesions of the sinonasal tract – Clinical study

Sridhara S, Gangadhara K S, Hamsa Shetty

International Journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery May June2019 Vol5 issue 3 page no. 705-708


6. Evaluation of facial skeleton fractures

S.Gangadhara, Ramesh Sannappa, T.D. Thimmappa, Chaithra B.G

International Journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery 2019 May,5(3):657-660 .


7. Adenoid hypertrophy in adults.


D. Thimmappa, K S Gangadhara

International Journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery. March April 2019 vol 5. Issue 2 Page no 412-415.


8. A study of deep space infections of Neck

Nagaraja M, Premalatha D.E.

International Journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery 2018 May :4(3):754 – 758


9. Accuracy of FNAC in diagnosing thyroid swelling – A retrospective study

Hamsa Shetty, Sridhar S, Gangadhara K S

International Journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery April – June 2017 Vol 3 Issue 2 Page no. 282-284.


10. Total Laryngectomy in Laryngeal and hypopharyngeal malignancy

Hamsa Shetty, Sridhar S , Gangadhara K S

Bengal Journal of otolanyngology and head and neck surgery  vol 25 No 1 April 2017 Page no. 55-58


11. Bacteriological and mycological profile of chronic suppurative otitis media.

Thimmappa T D, Ramesh S, Nagaraja M, Gangadhara K S

International Journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery January - march  2017 Vol 3 Issue 1  Page no. 116-121.


12. Nasal injury: Efficacy of primary Reduction – A Retrospective Study

Nagaraja M. Gangadhara K.S.

New Indian journal of surgery Vol:8 Issue 4 Oct-Dec 2017.


13. Newer Methodologies of tonsillectomy – Our experience

Gangadhara K S, Nagaraja M, Hamsa Shetty , Amrutha V Bhat.

Karnataka ENT journal Vol 1 Issue 1



CME / Workshops:

  1. Repair of CSF Rhinorrhoea by Dr. K N Nalinesha and management of difficult thyroid treatment by Dr.Nanjundappa on 29/12/2019
  2. Endoscopic ear surgery by Dr. Gangadhara K.S. Dept. of ENT HOD SIMS Shimoga on 28/11/2019
  3. Superficial Parotidectomy using a newer incision by Dr. Sridhar S on 4/10/2019
  4. Surgical management of Benign Sinonasal tumors By Dr. Sridhar S on 8/9/2019
  5. C T Scan of nose and paranasal sinuses By Dr. Bharath MD Radiology on 30/5/2019
  6. Hands on experience on percutaneous tracheostomy by Gangadhara K S and Dr.Guridath Dept. of anesthesia on 23/2/2019
  7. Newer Methods of tonsillectomies by Dr. Amrutha V Bhat on 25/10/2018
  8. Live surgical work shop on ballon sinoplasty by Dr. Sunil Datt Bangalore on 2/9/2018
  9. Current Trends and Future Perspective in head and neck surgery by Dr. Vishal Rao on 2/6/2018
  10. Recent Trends in ENT by Dr.Brajendra baser and Deepak Haldipura on 25/5/2018
  11. Management of vertigo using newly designed vertigo chair by Dr.Srinivas D R on 15/2/2018
  12. Diagnosis and management of peripheral and central vertigo by Dr. Gangadhara K S and Dr.Nagaraja A V 29/11/2017
  13. Live surgical work shop on coblation technique by Dr. shrinivaskisore Hyderabad


Awards and Achievements:

  1. N D Purshotham gold medal in the south zone conference -2018 held at Mandya for innvation in ENT – A new modified aesthatic incission for parioted surgery by Dr. Gangadhara K S
  2. S K Mondal Gold medal for best video presentation at AOI state conference held at Madikeri – Perotid Surgery by Dr.Sridhara S
  3. Established full fludged speech and hearing center under centrally funded SIPDA Project at the cost of 1.96 cores


Out- reach activities:  

  1. A Public rally on word hearing day on 3/3/2020 and got certificate of participation from WHO
  2. Cancer awareness rally on world cancer day 4/2/2020
  3. A camp on awareness and screening of stammering on 6/1/2019
  4. Allergic Camp by Dr. Vedhantyhan USA on 3/12/2017


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